October 19, 2014


...yes, I finally got around to making Colette's Mable.  Here's my review of this essential #2 pencil skirt.

Being the pencil skirt lover that I am, I was instantly drawn to the Colette pattern when it was first released.  I've had this stained glass print pontederoma knit stashed for a couple of years but wasn't really in love with it so I decided to use it as my Mable muslin.  I made View 3.

I'd read that Mable went together rather quickly, and it did.   It's a welcome variation to the elastic waist McCall's pencil skirt pattern that I usually make and still do love.  It's nice to have choices even if it's just a #2 pencil skirt.

I found that the pattern has several built in amenities:  1) it's already nicely pegged.  I didn't need to do any tapering at the hem. 2) I made the size that corresponded to my measurements, and things turned out pretty good.  The skirt is VERY FORM FITTED as is illustrated by the pattern envelope.    3)  it's even well suited for those of us who, shall I say, have plenty of junk in the trunk.  It fits well at the back hem even without doing a full buttock wedge adjustment (meaning that my skirt is slightly longer at the back hem than it is in front).  And that's a great thing for me.

Would I recommend the Mable - YES I DO, even for beginners.  Instructions are well written, and super clear.  Nothing at all to be scared of here.  Listen to me talk!  I've had the pattern for months but was afraid of the waist band.  Needn't be at all, because it's an easy peezy pattern!!!

October 18, 2014


...I just happened to stumble onto a nice sweater knit graphic print at Hancock's earlier this week that insisted on coming home with me.   It's like an animal print gone aztec.  I knew what I'd make of it when I first spotted it - another  cardi from McCall's 6844.  Yes I  love this design - this makes number 3 (made here and here).  Guess you could say that I've really gotten my money's worth out of this pattern.


This cardi will definitely coordinate with existing pieces in my closet like black or brown pants and skirts and of course jeans.    A quick and easy wardrobe addition that took two evenings after work to complete - what more could I ask?  I think three of View C  is enough, but now I am thinking about using the pattern at least once more to make View A or B in a solid color....

October 9, 2014


I think it's all together fitting and proper that I put Faye's Sewing Adventure's (FSA's) spotlight on this next blog.  Not that these ladies need my promotion, not at all, because each of them exhibit their own greatness.  But, I am always so proud of the success of ANYONE else - for real though!

I know by now you've seen the blog PRETTYGIRLSSEW!  Manufactured by 5 gorgeous ladies who's creativity and productivity is OFF THE CHART!

They each maintain individual blogs that are wonderful to say the least, and collectively monitor PRETTYGIRLSSEW!  They sponsor monthly sewalongs that incorporate and motivate many other bloggers.  And to top all of that off, they have just released their PGS Magazine.

The magazine is chunk full of beauty, crafts, tutorials, fashion and of course S-E-W-I-N-G! 
You can read all about it here, I'm very sure you'll enjoy it -  PLEASE LET ME KNOW...

October 4, 2014


...Well, the chickens finally came home to roost this week.  Being ugly just does not pay.  It all boils down to something Char said (paraphrased) "it's not about who sews the best, it's about who's the last one left standing".  Even though it's possible that Char could go home next week, I am so glad she was left standing this time.  My take on the preview of next weeks show is either Tim Gunn is trying to start some PR drama by pairing Char and returning designer Korina, or he is trying to give Korina a chance to redeem her ugliness.   Mmmmm we'll see.

Speaking of PR branding again:
October 23rd
October 30th
What a lineup!  I'll have great Thursday night television for weeks and weeks to come...

October 2, 2014


Come with me on a COLORFUL little blogland cruise.  Every now and then I have to do a drive-by of   A Colorful Canvas.  Why do I like this ladies blog?  Because it's, well, so COLORFUL.  When you peruse Sue's blog I'm sure you'll agree.

When you talk about color, Sewurbane has it all sewn up.  Can this tutu be overlooked?, I think not.  Oh my goodness, I love this photo setting with just the right car in the background.  She's not only a very talented sewist, but as I said, also COLORFUL!

On another note - is this dish of savory COLORFUL enough for you???
I ran across  Creole Contessa over on Pinterest and started following her right away.  I haven't tried this colorful dish as of yet, but it's coming up strong on my list.  She shares 100's of recipes, and the part I like is they all seem so easy.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.  See you next trip...

October 1, 2014


...I've had a hankering for Papercut Pattern's Ensis color blocked knit top since the first time I spotted it (seen here).  Although I will buy an independent makers pattern from time to time, I couldn't convince myself that I ought to spring for this "top only" pattern at the cost.  Vogue 8950 offered a similar top and although it was a reasonable facsimile, I didn't trust the cut of the neckline.  So I decided to hack into Simplicity 1324 instead.
I really like the fit and look of my new top.  Must mention that the knit top of Simplicity 1324 runs small.

I used a left over remnant from another top that I made during the summer for the black part -  it's a very light weight sweater knit; and a really nice weight white cotton knit for the bottom.  Since I started sewing for Fall, for some reason I keep pulling black and white yardage from my stash.  This is my third black/white project in a row and I've got an idea for yet another one in the same color combo. I'm going to have to hurry up and add some pops of color before this goes too far...