January 20, 2015


...oh, it's not Monday is it (felt like it though).  I love wearing a new garment to work even if it's only a top.  Vogue 8152 is such a nifty top, equipped with it's own scarf as it turned out to be.  I might need to make another one of these - maybe in a solid color.

I wore it with my McCall's 6654 brown knit skirt made a couple of years ago.  It was a very good work wear day...

January 19, 2015


... when incorporating animal prints in my sewing projects, couldn't forget those animals that inhibit the frozen tundra.  I pulled out this long time resident of my stash -  beautiful pontederoma Snow Leopard print that I'd been planning to use for a skirt with since I first eyed these that Victoria made for herself and her cute little daughter.  I'm sort of glad I waited because I've since acquired the marvelous  Colette Mable pencil skirt pattern.  NOW NO ONE LOVES #2 KNIT PENCIL SKIRT AS MUCH AS I DO - I PROMISE YOU!  They present such easy dressing options for rushed mornings - just grab a matching sweater, pull on my tights and boots and I'm out the door.
I have other great pencil skirt patterns, like McCall's 6654, and Pamela's Magic Pencil Skirt.  Not saying that I won't use them again, but for right now I am completely armored with MABLE...  



January 18, 2015


...Jungle January is in it's 3rd year (I think)

  Every year I've wanted to take part but was always busy with something else at the time.  This year I signed up and finished my animalistic project last night. JERSEY KNIT oh how I've missed you.  I had forgotten how lovely you sew up, ahhhh I do love you.  I've had this fabric for several years now and remember purchasing from Joann's.  Really I've always thought it was some sort of crazy cheetah print, but the longer I look at it - it's starting to look a little reptilish.  I'll lavish my body with all kinds of animal reminisces but NOT reptile.  Oh well, imma wear this top though.

Back Story:
Late last year Myra (1simpleinspiration) made the StyleArc Lolita knit top and I fell in LOVE.  I contemplated purchasing the pattern but kept thinking that I already had a similar pattern.  This is what I found deep down in the pattern stash:
Vogue 8152 wayyyyyy OOP (2005)
Not exactly like the independent pattern, but close enough to appease me.  A very unusual top being that it has a mandatory back zipper, and the collar, to my surprise, does not attach to the neckline at all.
Back and closeups of the collar construction    

Changes made to the pattern:  I double the twist collar and added elastic to the interior to create a ruched effect at the back neckline.

Alright-y then, one Jungle January project under my belt.  If you agree that the print is reptilish don't tell me because I'm still going to pretend that it's a crazy cheetah print... 

January 16, 2015


...many of us subscribe or purchase Vogue Pattern magazine.

On the cover of each and every issue is a "Free Pattern Offer".  I've never taken advantage of the offer.  Do you???

January 13, 2015


... if McCall's 6844 was not named 2014 pattern of the year - it certainly should have been.  I loved this pattern from the very first time I laid eyes on it.  I talked about ladies crowding me at the pattern cabinet while trying to get to it (here).  I was so serious about adding it to my collection that I was ready to fight for it if necessary.  So glad that I didn't have to fight for it; I would hate to get banned from Hancock Fabrics.  The pattern is so versatile offering four view ((but what would I know about all that versatility - I can't seem to move past View C.  The pattern has been well used - this  being my 5th - LOVE IT!!!)

Here it is being modeled by my friend Dawn - must say she styled it perfectly.
So if you have yet to try McCall's 6844 you might want to give it a whirl.  I am almost sure there are a few more of them lurking in my future...

January 12, 2015


...38 degrees and rainy in Georgia this morning and a perfect day for a coat test drive.  So I did just that

The coat fit well and kept me warm even as temperatures continued to drop on this misty Monday. I also wore my black knit Vogue 8939 dress made Fall of 2013 - still love this dress.  Mmmmm, I'm contemplating declaring this The Week of the Dress, we'll see...

January 11, 2015


...how in the world can it be January 11th already???, anyway moving on (just like the month is doing).  First, I'd like to recognize my cheering squad - the people who constantly give me votes of confidence after I've committed myself to a long drawn out project such as this tailored coat.  When they comment I can visualize them, pom poms in hand on the sidelines, telling me "you can do it Faye"!  At times I don't think I can make it through to completion without their help!

Here's my full length black coat - made because I finally figured out that this fashionista's wardrobe wasn't complete without one.    No more having to wearing a red coat with my masala knit dress on a cold day.  (ha ha.  Yes, I did do that.)  I fell two days short of having the coat finished in time for our Georgia freeze last week (Thursday's morning temperature was 19 and Friday arrived at 20 degrees).   But, alas, I'm sure weI'll have a few more cold days this winter.

I don't think I moaned-cried-and complained during this project as much as I have done on other long term projects - I'll have to ask my Mother about that.  I do not like projects that take a long time to finish.  Will I undertake another lengthy project-  YES I'M SURE I WILL.  I guess I'm just a person who enjoys self inflicted punishment (ha ha).  Now I get to move on with my sewing life - there's so many things I want to make.  Thanks ya'll for reading my humble blog...

January 10, 2015


...Oh Lord help the seamstress finish the project! AMEN! So ready for this to be completed!!! So I can move on with my sewing life. 

Heavily involved in top stitching today. I've had to pull out the big guns (Singer Model 5830C) heavy duty with a heavy duty needle to get through all this thickness.  Wheew!, it's been quite a job dealing with all this bulk.  I've still got to do the 5 buttonholes and sew on the buttons. Hopefully will finish TODAY!

January 5, 2015


... first work day of the year - can we start Christmas back over again?  Just kidding!
As planned I wore my new poncho today and it kept me warm and toasty.  Wrapping oneself in 3 yards of wool is a sure fire way to ward off the cold.   

January 4, 2015


...pin city - What more can I say???
I used an unbelievable number of pins to secure the front facing and lining to my coat.  All the layers together have created so much thickness in some areas that I'm thinking about switching to one of my heavy duty metal machines to get through it.  It seems that I'm moving at a turtle's pace in knocking down this construction list, but only 4 more items to complete:
.  interface hem areas
.  hem
.  make buttonholes
.  attach buttons
I have to call it's quits for today as I have to start preparing to return to work tomorrow.  I'll keep plugging away on my project throughout the week.  It's going to be a real coat one day soon...

January 3, 2015


...ohm-goodness!  Is it just me, or do you too find it hard to coral all the sewing ideas in your head?   I have had so much fun over Christmas break; glorious days off - but it resulted in way too many ideas floating in my head - I need air traffic control!  In an effort to remedy of the situation, I acted out of my norm and broke my #1 Sewing Rule:  Finish a project before starting another.  Truthfully, I am really good about upholding this self inflicted rule.  But I set my 2014 Winter Coat Project aside (for just a minute) to give myself some relief from flying objects ideas.  Can't ever remember even wanting a poncho, but after being inspired by TheTellTaleTasha's Olivia Pope-ish rendition I just had to have one to GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD and into reality.
I'm calling this my Rustic Poncho, it's from McCall's 6209 - I made View A.
A quick make, most of it completed while I enjoyed a nice talk with my Brother last night.  I'm in love!  Can't wait to wear it with my cowgirl boots and jeans as my first day back at work outfit next week...


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