February 15, 2017


...as you may have guessed, I am currently dealing with a bit of sewing project procrastination - we'll just call it the SPP Syndrome, if you will.  I have really been wanting to make a few Henley knit tops since Fall of 2015. That's just how far behind with my "Things I want to Sew" list.   I even ordered an Indie Henley top pattern but have been too lazy to tape it together.  I promise you comfortable knit tops like this really suit me - I'm really a simple person. Cute Henley tops would be a staple of my weekend dress code; I could even make several as pajama tops.  I just discovered that McCall's has a jiffy little version of this type top
McCall's 6747
but, of course it's out of print.  I searched and searched my pattern stash and cannot find this pattern.  I could have sworn that I bought it.  I would have made at least two this past weekend had I found the pattern.  I did track it down on Esty so it's on the way from Canada.  

Today I found out that Mimi G has a new Simplicity Henley dress pattern for Spring,
but of course I'd need to wait for a pattern sale to get my hands on that one.  So I'm sitting around procrastinating on what I really need to be working on - that being Pants Fitting.  Yes, I do need to get back to that over whelming task.

In the meantime, I've added a new touch to The Sewing Gourmet's repertoire
I had my favorite butcher block counter top cutting board digitally engraved compliments of the Engineer at school.  I'm serious about my culinary tools.  It's a one of a kind and I love it. 

Hope you're not suffering from SPP SYNDROME...



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  2. Very unique cutting board!!!

    1. Thanks Juanita I really like it's nice big surface.

  3. Simplicity is on sale at Joann starting tomorrow through the weekend. Maybe they'll have the new patterns in.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the pattern sale Elena. I was able to pick up spring Simplicity at Joann's after work today.

  4. I am not suffering from SPP, more like Sewing Project Overload, lol! I have lots I want to finish, and have been working at it, but will probably run into March for all my February things! I saw the new Simplicity is out and there are some cute patterns. I'll be on the lookout for the sale at Joanns. Mine runs out of patterns fast.

    1. I think Sewing Project Overload is better than Sewing Project Procrastination Vanessa. I was able to pick up spring Simplicity at Joann's after work today.

  5. What a cool cutting board! I think you should periodically steal it to slice open your buttonholes...it would make the journey complete! I love henleys--they're such a great classic style and a fantastic hybrid between a button down and a knit shirt. I have a couple that I made, but they're too short! They're from an era when I was making all my tops too short. I pulled out one the other day and decided that I'd like to make another with some more length.

    1. What pattern are you using Elizabeth?

    2. It's an add-on hack to my TNT t-shirt which is itself an add-on hack. I used Jalie 2921, with the side seams of another Burda t-shirt, and the neckline of an Ottobre tee. My TNT t-shirt is a little piece of Frankenstein, but it's mine, and it fits how I want it to. Peggy Sagers does a good job explaining how to add on a henley neckline here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbAEGPAmXMM

    3. You won't believe it but I actually used Peggy Sager's video to do my first Henley (see today's post entitled Henley #1). You Henley sounds wonderful!

    4. You won't believe it but I actually used Peggy Sager's video to do my first Henley (see today's post entitled Henley #1). You Henley sounds wonderful!

  6. Have you see the Camas Blouse by Thread Theory, its Henley..ish. I bought this pattern when it first came out, but have yet to sew it.

  7. I'll be sure to check it out Diane. Thanks a bunch.

  8. That personalization of your cutting board is really nice! I have 5 Henley style dresses which I bought in 1990, and I recently discovered that I somehow lost enough weight last summer to wear them again. So I've been enjoying the tarnation out of them. You're right; the soft knit and minimal seam lines make for such a comfortable fit! I hope you get your pattern while you're still inspired, because I know you'll love it!

    1. I'll bet your Henley dresses are really cute Marjie. Kudos on the weight loss, send some my way!




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